About Us

The Dominican Republic is a piece of 'paradise' on Earth.

Sosua is the 'playground' of Paradise

Sosua is the hub of the North Coast, is the Acapulco of the Dominican Republic. It has been said that this is where tourism first began back in the '70s and '80s and where it is now being perfected.

Condo-hotel plaza 'EUROPA' is a piece of North America in Sosua.

The Condo-Hotel Plaza Europa is where you can experience it all. The 'EUROPA' is a perfect mix. We are located in the center of town where you can find different activities galore but inside. THE 'EUROPA', is where visitors from around the world can expect from 5-star establishments THE 'EUROPA' is visited by Americans, Spanish, Italians, Dominicans, Canadians, Russians and other countries. The visitors know that when it comes to familiarize, relax, have the best comfort and BEST PRICES and a good service, they know they get and find all of this in THE 'EUROPA'. We have a complete combination and very difficult to equal. If you want to do some activities, for example as excursions, rent a car and so on. The front desk will take care of all the arrangements so you can experience all that in the Dominican Republic has to offer. Once you have visited the places of interest and has experimented all the flavors, sounds, music and so on. You will appreciate the familiarity and then when the time comes to relax or when the time comes to your rest or sleep all day on the best beach in the Dominican Republic and take home this beautiful experience. THE 'EUROPA' is the larger and most valuable experience that i had on my holidays. THE 'EUROPA' is the option to buy your own property and make your own home away from your home will be a continuous and profitable experience.